Awaken. Envision. Release.

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Awaken. Envision. Release.


Join me for an afternoon at the beautiful Yoga Bergamot in Encinitas for my signature mini-course on Awakening, Envisioning, and Releasing in order to live a more conscious, intentional, and liberated life. March 14, 2015. 2-5. Yoga Bergamot. $45.

Awaken to the knowing, presence, power, and love that is within you. Guided meditation to awaken to your higher-consciousness, journaling to explore ways in which you feel awakened to that inner-light (meditation, yoga, images, symbols, nature, journaling, creative expression, mantra, prayer, readings from sacred texts, tarot and oracle card reading, dieties, angels, spirits of loved ones passed, ritual, ceremony, smudging.) Creation of a daily spiritual practice to support your heightened awareness.

Envision the manifestation of a fully awakened life. Create an intentional life from the inside out, a life that you love. See it. Feel it. Live it. Guided visualization and vision mapping.

Release all limits. Let go of thoughts, feelings, behaviors that are not in alignment with your awakened vision. Guided meditation. Ceremoniously letting go of that which we wish to release, and welcoming in the new vision. Creative Journaling. Create personal thought and feeling affirmations to support the realization of your awakened vision.

*Bring a yoga mat & journal, and wear comfortable clothing. 

*Registration closes March 7th.

*Space is limited, register now.  





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